Moreno Boxing

LSBU Sports Center, Southbank Technopark, 90 London Rd, London, SE1 6LN, GB
07949 510 959

Moreno Boxing is located on Christ Church, 27 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NY on the South East side and caters to Cardio boxing. Boxing training is a fabulous and fun way for you to build stamina, enhance your flexibility while increasing your strength and shaping your body all at the same time. It is often used to help rehabilitate the body after an athletic injury and is a challenging way that will certain achieve all of your fitness goals.

The staff at Moreno Boxing thrives on providing expert boxing classes offered from the leading boxers in the English Amateur Boxing scene. Head coach Carlos Moreno is currently ranked 8th in the English Lightweight Rankings, and the other Moreno Boxing coaches are champions themselves as well. The team also consists of a 2 time National and International Champion and the Female National Champion. With the highly qualified staff, you are certain to experience high quality coaching at Moreno Boxing and the results will be far beyond what you could have ever expected.

Whether you are doing some boxing training individually or with a group, you will reap the benefits of a complete range of gym equipment including TRX cables, kettle bells, steps, punch bags, dumb bells, gloves, pads, skipping ropes, medicine balls, mirrors, spinning bikes, yoga mats, a music stereo and much more. The motivation and enthusiastic staff will definitely have you pushing your limit to achieve a fun, fit experience. Classes are never more than 12 people to ensure that everyone gets the high quality training and attention that is required for boxing.

Whether you are a beginner, at the intermediate stage or an expert, the Moreno Boxing club is ready to welcome you into the team with fit, toned open arms. It is time for you to kick butt.

LSBU Sports Center, Southbank Technopark, 90 London Rd, London, SE1 6LN, GB
07949 510 959
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