Nova Forca_London

LSE Old Building , London, WC2A 2AE , GB

Located in the Westminster area in West Central London WC2A 2AE, Nova Forca_London is the ultimate martial arts gym. Focusing on Jiu Jitsu classes, Nova Forca_London provides you with the training, experience, equipment and environment needed to exceed your fitness and health goals. Prepare to get sweaty! The instructors are ready to make your dreams come true with realistic yet viable exercises and approaches catered for you. With fighters training under their name, you are certain to get the Jiu Jitsu experience that you're looking for.

Enjoy a free trial at Nova Forca_London and you will definitely be back for more Jiu Jitsu with this club. Ricardo da Silva is the head instructor for the Jiu Jitsu classes and has over 11 years experience which is definitely apparent throughout his lessons. Theo Theodoulou is the instructor for Muay Thai and has over 17 years of training and experience. No matter what class you select, you are bound to leave with additional strength, knowledge and safety. These two instructors know exactly what it takes to achieve your goals, and will make sure that you leave with something new and and every class.

Classes are offered during the evenings throughout the week, and midday on Saturday. Sunday will be your rest day as no classes are offered that day, but any experienced and highly qualified instructor knows that you must give your body some days of rest in order to thrive on the fitness classes.

You can expect a personal, friendly and safe experience with the professionals at Nova Forca_London. They have dedicated their lives to helping you achieve your fitness goals in a fun, interactive and useful way. Take advantage of their services and feel, look and live better.

LSE Old Building , London, WC2A 2AE , GB
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