Seven Heavens Clinic

20 Blackstock road Finsbury Park, Islington, London, N4 2DW, GB

Seven Heavens Clinic is located on Blackstock Rd, N4 2DW on the North side of London and focuses on the spiritual connections through Tai Chi and BajiQuan. The clinic uses integrated medicine within their treatments and therapies while also combining in some Western Scientific Theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide you with an experience that you truly can't find anywhere else. Each session is catered specifically to the needs of their patient to ensure that you are thoroughly satisfied with their personable service. The Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes offer a thorough experience that promotes your health maintenance and stress management. You always leave the clinic feeling better.

This is an excellent option for everyone, including elderly patients and special needs students who experience learning difficulties. The class times range Monday-Friday as well as on Sunday to ensure that there is a time slot that works for everyone and their busy schedule. Qi Gong focuses on your breathing and energy work and pertains to the practice that specifically nourishing, conserving and harmonizing internal energy. Tai Chi is often referred to as meditation through movement as it uses your energies to enhance the quality of your mind, body and soul while improving your muscle toning and agility, strength and stamina. Seven Heavens Clinic also offers a wide range of therapy options and massages that are inspired from areas all around the world to provide the staff with a well rounded collection of health knowledge.

Whether you are looking for a massage to repair your muscle injuries, wanting to relax or channel your energies to enhance yourself, contact Faisal Ahmed Mian at Seven Heavens Clinic and treat yourself to a blissful experience that will provide thorough, complete body results and benefits.

20 Blackstock road Finsbury Park, Islington, London, N4 2DW, GB
Mon 9 - 20
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