Tang Long Kung Fu School

17 Rosemont Road, London, NW3 6NG, GB
07725 803 748

Tang Long Kung Fu School is located in Camden on the North West side of London on Rosemont Road, NW3 6NG and offers Cardio classes for Kickboxing, Kungfu, Martial Arts, Pilates, Barre & Conditioning, Ba Ji Quan, Acrobatics and Tai Chi. The highly qualified staff allows a wide variety of classes to be offered so you are certain to find one that bites your fitness apetite at Tang Long Kung Fu School. Crossfit is also coming in the new year of 2014.

Since there is such a wide range of cardio classes offered, they fall at different times so be sure to check out the schedule to see when the class you're interested in is planned for. Tang Long Kung Fu School offers a comprehensive training program, classes for beginners and highly trained professionals, Traditional Shaolin Forms, Weapons & Acrobatics, Workshops and Shaolin training as you would find it in China, in additional to the other cardio classes mentioned above. The staff is extremely friendly while improving your overall health and fitness, increasing your stamina and flexibility while also learning self defense and gaining the confidence needed to exceed. Study with Masters and enjoy real results that will thoroughly improve the quality of your life.

The trainers are all extremely qualified. Shifu Heng Wei is a 35th Generation Master from the Shaolin, China and is known for being an expert in his field as he began his training at the age of six. With over 24 years training in martial arts, he has experience in all aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu (Weapons, Forms and Acrobatics) and is also a specialist in Sanda (Chinese Boxing), Ba Ji Quan and Tai Chi. He also teaches Yeushan Temple Ba Ji Quan and Wu Style Ba Ji Quan, as well as Chen and Yang Style Tai Chi. Some of the other highly trained staff that you will have the pleasure of taking advantage of for your health include; Lukasz Jaskiewicz who is a enior student Instructor in Tico, Vicente Raja who is a sension student and instructor as well as Mark Omfalos who is also a senior student and instructor.

You can train in Shaolin as if you were in China or take some cardio classes to break a sweat and get fit. The options are endless at the Tang Long Kung Fu School.

17 Rosemont Road, London, NW3 6NG, GB
07725 803 748
Mon 9 - 20
Tue 9 - 20
Wed 9 - 20
Thu 9 - 20
Fri 9 - 20
Sat 10 - 17
Sun 18 - 20

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