Urban Vitality Acton

Acton Park, London, W3, GB
07813 212441

Urban Vitality Acton can be found on the West side of London Acton Park, W3. The gym caters to Cardio Bootcamp that is certain to whip you into the kind of shape that you have been eager to achieve. Urban Vitality offers intense fitness that approaches all of your health challenges head on. There are no excuses allowed here. Urban Vitality is ready to make your dreams become reality.

Personal training is offered through Boost and Spotlight and offers a wide range of services. Boost Personal Trainers offer Total Body Boxing, TRX Suspension Training, Kettlebells, Interval Training and much more. Spotlight Personal trainers take you on a 28 Day fitness challenge where every avenue of your health and fitness is challenged in order to achieve your greatest health and potential. Your trainer will work with you a minimum 3 times a week and will also provide you with a nutritional and lifestyle program that is catered just for you. Some homework is required to ensure your health and fitness goals are met and you will even have your kitchen assessed as well as much more. You are certain to find a program that fits your desires. Contact Suzanne Castle and check out the schedule so you can start challenging yourself in order to reach optimal health.

Aside from personal training, you can enjoy the boot camps that garantee that you will drop a clothing size in 28 days of you get your money back! Enjoy the incentive packages that contain workout gear and other sources of motivation that will get your booty to boot camp.

Acton Park, London, W3, GB
07813 212441
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